Fitness can mean many things today. With the very busy lifestyles many of us live, it often seems like there is never enough time in the day to get a workout in. Making time to get some exercise in is crucial to both physical and mental well-being and if you’re short on inspiration and tall on need of it, then here is my personal list of the most inspiring fitness pros on Instagram.


@rebeccalouisefitness has an upbeat charm, an indomitable spirit and a very fit figure. Her ability to relate to every level of fitness among her almost 160,000 followers is what keeps people coming back to her page time and time again. With her short HIIT style workout videos each focusing on individual muscle groups, you can customize your workout with her fun and very active exercises. Your regimen has never been quicker, and don’t let the time fool you – quick doesn’t always mean easy. In the words of Rebecca-Louise herself “can you feel the burn?”

SuzieB Fitness LLC

@suzie_kb doesn’t have a large following for nothing. Her videos demonstrating the right and wrong ways certain exercises and movements are performed, allow her countless followers to assume the correct position for an optimal workout session, better results and preservation of muscle and joint integrity. Having the ability to watch the very way in which a role model has physically formed and sculpted themselves is inspiration in and of itself, and for this reason, @suzie_kb is one of the most-loved fitness pros on Instagram.

Mike Marchese

@upyourfitness posts videos of gravity defying movements, and just what the body is capable of achieving when you give fitness your all. A calisthenics coach with several videos featuring tough to execute movements to boot has earned him a significant following and it’s pretty obvious how and why. Using a total body weight training approach, @upyourfitness inspires through education and professional know-how. In the realm of body weight athletics, this is one fitness pro to follow for sure.

Kayla Itsines

@kayla_itsines name is synonymous with fitness. In fact, I’m pretty sure it will soon show up beneath the definition for ‘fit’ in the dictionary soon. Her following is in the millions and her bikini body guide is one of the best known out there. There’s never a shortage of testimonials to motivate you on her Instagram account, and if that doesn’t do the trick (which I’m pretty sure it will) then the bright and vibrant colors that make up the healthy meals and snacks she eats and suggests, will surely make a fitness go-getter out of you. With quick and easy to follow fitness regimens and nutrition guides to complement, @kayla_itsines will get any busy woman on the trail of a fit and active life in no time.

Curtis Williams

@cutiswilliams17 has passion for fitness that is second to none. He is one of the best in his industry and with a clientele that features several high-profile sportsmen and celebrities as well, it’s safe to say that Curtis Williams knows his stuff. The strength and gusto he brings to every session motivates those working out and the people on the sidelines looking in, to be better than they were the day before and to never stop working towards fitness goals. Mediocrity is not an option here, and he encourages all his followers to strive for greatness. This is definitely a man to follow on Instagram.

Andy Speer

@andyspeer will show you what a fit life can do for you. With photos depicting his insane ability to achieve, and videos showing just how, this is an Instagram account you don’t want to miss out on following. His short tutorials demonstrate form, and his flawless execution of movements and exercises will inspire you to get off the couch and get fit today. With advice and professional experience backing his workouts, you can’t go wrong by following @andyspeer.

Gideon Akande

@getfitwithgiddy is a Men’s Health Magazine top trainer and a two times Chicago Golden Gloves champion who mixes up his workouts. If you want fun, then this is the man to follow. His cheeky side is ever present in the comment section of his videos and that’s what up the ante on his already energetic workouts. Gideon lives what he loves and practices fitness his way, every day it seems. Who isn’t inspired by drive like that?

Alice Living

@aliceliveing is a three times best-selling author and personal fitness trainer who once suffered from body image issues. Overcoming those and making a huge bang in the industry in the best way possible, Alice has scaled the fitness mountain and scales down to start all over again for fun. Her ability to cater to all fitness levels sets her apart from many fitness inspros (inspiration pros) out there, making the seemingly difficult to attain, right within an individual’s reach. And if that’s not enough ‘go-get-em’, then the photos of the many deliciously healthy meals and snacks will sell it. If it’s motivation you want, this is a fitness pro for you.

Sassy Gregson-Williams

@naturally.sassy maintains her beautiful physique by pairing two passions together: ballet and personal training and by doing so, she’s crafted a most unique fitness regimen for all to follow. Using body weight to strengthen her core and showcasing her swanlike movements from years of ballet, Sassy’s workouts have carved a new niche in the fitness arena, and we’d be silly not to keep an eye on her skill, form and generally fit life. So many of us could learn a thing or two from this fitness pro.

Yours truly, Robert Martin

When it comes to enhancing our innate physical abilities, to train our bodies to function at optimal levels of fitness, I strive for the best. As a natural strength and endurance trainer I show my followers and clients alike, the best ways to use what we’re each born with; to take our physical predispositions and give the best of ourselves to get the best from ourselves. I encourage and motivate everyone who seeks it, to achieve their fitness goals and being a health and fitness product designer gives my followers an edge over the rest. As an author and the founder of Fitties, my dedication to health and wellness is ever present and I throw my heart and soul into being an inspiration to everyone around me. The health and fitness road is often a difficult one but if you use your goals as the fuel to get you to your destination, then regardless of what the road looks like, you’ll get there!

Whatever fitness looks like to you is a matter of personal opinion. We all exercise differently, and what works for us as individuals varies as vastly as the number of people who make up the fitness world. The best thing about being fit is finding out what drives you and who motivates you.
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Robert Martin

Robert Martin is the founder and author of Fitties. With more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Robert is a veteran public relations and marketing professional and has proudly worked with leading media, including CNN and Associated Press.

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