Did you know nutritionists, personal trainers and doctors around the world recommend regularly measuring body fat, calculating body fat and tracking body fat to help maintain proper health and fitness?

It’s true. For anyone on a weight management or fat loss program, measuring body fat, calculating body fat and tracking body fat is critical to overall health and well-being. It’s also beneficial for monitoring progress and staying motivated. Too often, individuals eagerly begin a fitness regimen only to later become discouraged and give up simply because they’ve failed to accurately calculate body fat lost and actually “see” progress. Simply looking in the mirror and checking your weight on a scale isn’t enough when you need accurate and quantifiable results.

FatCaliper+ is the ultimate body fat measuring, body fat calculating and body fat tracking app for iPhone and iPad. FatCaliper+ is designed to easily and accurately assist you with calculating body fat and tracking fat loss using one of several clinically proven, medically approved body fat calculation methods. Combining FatCaliper+ with an inexpensive set of body fat calipers and a standard bathroom scale is the easiest, quickest, most affordable and most accurate way of calculating body fat in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. Caliper testing costs less than a single body fat analysis from a doctor or health clinic. It can also be just as accurate.

With FatCaliper+ you can choose from the most popular caliper and non-caliper body fat measurement methods, including Jackson-Pollock 3, Jackson-Pollock 4, Jackson-Pollock 7, Durnin-Womersley, Yuhasz, Parillo, US Navy, Body Mass Index (BMI), and now the new FatCaliper+ proprietary formula.

Once you’ve reached your weekly, monthly or yearly goals, share with your friends and family using the built-in social media sharing features. Celebrate your results on Facebook or Twitter, or even email your results to anyone you choose, including clients, if you’re a health professional. Download FatCaliper+ now and discover how well it can work for you.

And after you’ve experienced FatCaliper+ please send us your feedback or share it on iTunes. Your comments and suggestions help us continue improving FatCaliper+ through future updates.