Hopefully by now you’re convinced that FatCaliper+ is the best solution for calculating and tracking body fat, and you’re ready to download and start using it to calculate and track your body fat (or your clients’ body fat, if you’re a physician or personal trainer).

If you’re still undecided, we’ve got a few more reasons FatCaliper+ is a must-have for anyone interested in calculating body fat, tracking body fat, and maintaining a healthy body and healthy lifestyle.

Reliable Body Fat Measurement Methods

FatCaliper+ comes equipped with the most popular clinically-proven caliper and non-caliper formulas for measuring body fat. In addition to our brand new FatCaliper+ proprietary body fat formula, which is only available to our users, the full version of FatCaliper+ can calculate body fat using the following calculation methods:

  • Jackson-Pollock 3
  • Jackson-Pollock 4
  • Jackson-Pollock 7
  • Durnin-Womersley
  • Yuhasz
  • Parillo
  • US Navy
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

So whether you’re taking body fat measurements solo or with a friend, choose the body fat calculation method that’s most convenient for you. And if you’re looking for just a couple of basic formulas to get you started, we’ve got you covered. The free version of FatCaliper+ includes the Jackson-Pollock 3 and BMI methods.

If you’d like more versatility later on, upgrading to the other methods is easy with a single in-app purchase.

Clear Measurement Locations and Instructions

In the new version of FatCaliper+ we’ve introduced interactive 3D models for both males and females, which pinpoint the exact locations of caliper and tape-based measurements.

We invested hundreds of hours into developing anatomically-correct models and laying out the specific body fat measurement sites. We know you’re busy, so we wanted to make measuring your body fat with FatCaliper+ as quick and easy as possible. To get a close-up of a particular body fat measurement site, simply double-tap the location indicator on the models to zoom in and out.

Do you need even more information for a specific body fat measurement location? You’re in luck. Detailed instructions and explanations are attached to each measurement site. To access, simply tap the info icon to load all additional information associated with a particular body fat measurement location.

Accurate Body Fat Results

Under the hood, FatCaliper+ seamlessly incorporates the complex body fat measurement formulas of the most popular body density calculation techniques in order to deliver accurate results. No more messing with calculators, notepads, and lengthy body fat formulas.

When you run a calculation using FatCaliper+, the comprehensive results screen will provide you with your approximate body fat percentage, whether your body fat percentage increased or decreased from your last measurement, your total pounds / kilograms of muscle, and total pounds / kilograms of fat.

Do you have past body fat measurements that you’ve been keeping in a notebook until now? No biggie. With FatCaliper+, you can even enter old body fat measurements, which will help you to further consolidate and keep track of your body fat history.

Visible Fat Loss Progress

Are you a more visual user who prefers to “see” your fat loss progress? That’s no problem with a variety of FatCaliper+ graphs.

Your saved body fat percentage, body weight, and BMI are all plotted along our built-in graphs, so you can view your body fat calculation trends over time. Curious to see what your results were when you started? Download the full version of FatCaliper+ and click the ‘All Time’ button to display your full body fat history. Body fat history is also viewable by the past year, 30 days, and 7 days. The free version of FatCaliper+ keeps track of your past 7 days of body fat measurements.

Additionally, FatCaliper+ stores all of your body fat calculations safely within a private and secure database on your device. Perfect for multiple users or someone who has tons of saved body fat measurements.

New functionality in FatCaliper+ also allows you to access all of your past measurements directly from the results screen, without having to input new data. FatCaliper+ also syncs with Apple’s Health app, so you can view your FatCaliper+ data directly from their easy-to-read dashboard.

Body Fat Classifications, Social Sharing and In-App Shopping

We’ve added body fat classification charts so you can see how your body fat percentage stacks up to the rest of humanity. Does your body fat percentage classify you as “Obese”? Or does your body fat percentage fall somewhere within the “Acceptable,” “Fitness,” “Athletes,” or “Essential” classification?

After you’ve completed a body fat calculations, exercise your bragging rights by sharing your results via integrated social sharing features. Post your results on Facebook or Twitter and get friends and family talking about the accomplishments you’ve made. And if you’re a health and fitness professional, you can even email or text results directly to your clients.

When you’re ready to purchase new hardware, including body fat calipers and body tape measures, there’s no need to look for a computer or health supply store. Buy everything you need directly from within FatCaliper+ using ApplePay (where ApplePay is available). We’ll ship everything right to your door.