• Exercise, Fitness, Workouts
    Best Workouts for Your Body – It’s All About Customization
    No two workouts are created equally. If they were, then they would all produce the exact same results. Most training plans feature some commonalities and you will find popular exercises in most fitness plans. But just because a program works for one person, doesn't mean it'll work for you. Get on the right path to figuring out which exercises might be best for your body with this guide.
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  • Fitness, Motivation, Weight Loss
    Guide to Keeping Your Fat Loss Momentum Going
    The first few months of your weight-loss journey are behind you. You’re feeling good about yourself and your body, and you look better than ever before. But have you started to notice the needle on the scale going up, or that you’ve had to loosen your belt by a notch or two? Avoid the fat loss plateau and keep your momentum going with this handy guide.
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  • Fitness, Weight Loss
    How-to Guide for Measuring Body Fat
    Whenever you begin a weight loss routine, how do you measure your progress? Do you use your bathroom scale as a guide? Many people do. But did you know scales alone can be extremely misleading? Many factors, including time of day, can cause body weight to fluctuate significantly. Discover the options you have when it comes to accurately measuring body fat and tracking progress.
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  • Fitness, HIIT, Weight Loss
    Beginners Guide to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
    Have you been hearing all the positive buzz about HIIT and how it can dramatically improve your cardiovascular health in as little as 20-30 minutes per session? No, this isn't an infomercial - HIIT is just THAT effective. So what are you waiting for? Dive right in with this simple HIIT guide and a handful of sample HIIT routines you can start using immediately.
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  • Dieting, Exercise, Weight Loss
    7 Changes You Can Make to Start Losing Body Fat Today
    Losing weight can be difficult. Completely changing your lifestyle with a full-blown diet and exercise program can be even more difficult. Sometimes all you need to do is make a few small changes to your existing routine today to start experiencing positive results tomorrow. Check out this guide for a handful of quick tips to get the ball rolling in the right direction.
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  • Cardio, Fitness, HIIT
    Building up to HIIT with Steady State Cardio
    Mention "HIIT" or "High Intensity Interval Training" to anyone in the fitness community and watch how positively they respond. HIIT is quickly becoming the go-to routine for anyone looking to annihilate body fat and take their cardiovascular health to the next level. If you're not yet ready for HIIT, follow the advice in this guide and you'll soon be performing HIIT like a champ.
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  • Dieting, Fitness, Health
    Quick, Easy and Healthy Meals for Busy People
    If you're like most people these days, you don't have a lot of free time. And you probably have even less time to plan and prepare meals. Fortunately, following a diet that's nutritious, and promotes weight loss and/or muscle gain, doesn't have to be complex and time consuming. This guide will show you just how quick, easy and affordable a healthy lifestyle can be.
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  • Fitness, Health, Mobile Apps
    Top 10 Mobile Fitness Apps that will Help You Get Fit Quick
    Modern technology has provided us with some pretty useful tools that can help make our lives more productive. The same goes for individuals dedicated to a healthy and fit lifestyle. But with all of the possibilities out there, which tools are the best? Check out this guide for a list of the top mobile apps, which you might want to consider using to help you reach your goals quicker and easier.
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  • Fitness, Health, Supplements
    Top Supplements Every Fitness-Minded Person Should Consider
    If you've ever shopped for vitamins, minerals and other supplements, you know how challenging this experience can be. When visiting your typical health food store, you may wonder what works and what doesn't. And if you've been paying attention to recent news, you're probably wary of useless supplements that infect the market. Take the guesswork out of buying supplements with this comprehensive guide.
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  • Bodybuilding, Fitness, Weight Training
    Basics of Bodybuilding and Weight Training Equipment
    With rows and rows of machines, free weights, bars and benches, the site of most commercial gyms can be an overwhelming experience for many first-timers. If you're among this pack, don't sweat it. We've all been there. Get started in the right direction by understanding the basics of gym equipment, and where you should be focusing your valuable time when provided with so many options.
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  • Alcohol, Fitness, Weight Loss
    Guide to Drinking Alcohol and Staying in Shape
    Are you trying to follow a fit lifestyle but aren't sure whether you're ready to give up on the occasional beer or mixed drink? Fortunately, if you take the right approach to incorporating booze into your diet, you won’t need to stick to water every time you're faced with the choice. Follow the advice in this guide and you'll be well on your way to having the best of both worlds.
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  • Fitness, Weight Loss, Weight Training
    Simple, Easy and Effective Non-Cardio Weight Loss Workouts
    This year you're going to get that perfect body you have always wanted. No, this isn't a joke. You know you can do it. With the help of this article, you'll discover ideas for simple workout plans that could actually make achieving your dream body a reality. The best part is that this weight loss program doesn’t include cardio. It’s the “anti-cardio” workout, if you will. Could it get any better?
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  • Fitness, Health, Motivation
    Guide to Staying Motivated When it Comes to Your Health and Fitness
    Getting into a new health and fitness routine is tough. We've all been there. But have you been making excuses and convincing yourself to skip another workout? Don't let a lack of motivation get the best of you and derail your progress. Learn a few tricks to get yourself excited about working out again in this no-BS guide.
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  • Fitness, Inspiration, Motivation
    How to Find Your Fitness Motivation
    Channeling your fitness motivation is often easier said than done. You already know there are all kinds of benefits to getting fit, but which of these benefits matter most to you? Something as simple as taking a walk after dinner every night can help to control weight, strengthen bones, enhance muscles and reduce the risk for several types of diseases. If your motivation is lacking, check out this guide to get your mind back on track.
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  • Dieting, Fitness, Weight Loss
    Back to Basics - Eating a Paleo Diet
    It isn’t just about what you’re putting into your body but the ‘vehicle’ by which the nutrients in the food item are transported there. The way food is prepared can absolutely play a role in how much food is enjoyed and whether or not a health and fitness regime is going to be successfully adhered to long term. Learn more about the benefits of a Paleo diet in this guide.
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