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Supplement Guide to Losing Fat for Females on a High Budget

So, you’re looking to lose weight. When you make the decision to evaluate or re-evaluate your lifestyle, it is of prime importance that you do so with the advice of your primary care manager as they are the only one best equipped to help you navigate your health. If you’re already engaging in regular physical activity, this is great! You’re making really good decisions about your overall wellbeing and it will definitely benefit you to get in some exercise. Now, working out and building muscle can help you feel strong and capable of amazing things. It’s a fantastic feeling, there’s no doubt about it, but if you want to enhance your results, supplements can up the ante on your workout, especially where muscle building and fat loss is concerned.

When it comes to fat loss, it might seem cut and dry; eat fewer fatty things = lose weight. This in and of itself is a flawed perspective, because not all fats are created equal. We have our good fats and bad fats, so it’s important to be informed about which ones are healthy and which ones are not. Now, if you’re aiming to lose fat, the fitness world has supplements for just this purpose and they’re called ‘fat burners’. These encourage fat metabolism and there are a wide range of different products on the market, each purporting to promote fat loss through different means and actions within the body.

There are two ways in which fat loss can be achieved; thermogenesis and lipolysis.

Thermogenesis: This occurs when metabolism is accelerated, to increase heat and burn calories. This in turn can bring about the metabolism of fat. Thermogenesis is dependent on a number of factors such as temperature, diet and exercise.

Lipolysis: This is the breakdown of fats stored within cells called triglycerides. When they are broken down, they become glycerol and fatty acids, of which the fatty acids are now able to move around the blood stream. It is important to consume a low carbohydrate diet when attempting to lose fat via lipolysis as the glucose that results from the breakdown of carbohydrates stimulate insulin production. This is good in and of itself as insulin acts to clear glucose from the blood stream. When there is excess glucose in the blood, however, the insulin has minimal if any effect on clearing out the glucose and these molecules then head straight for the free-floating fat cells which aren’t being used for energy.

Okay, we now have an idea of how to bring about fat loss, but the key to understanding how best to do this, where to start, is knowing that, while fat burners are able to help your fat loss journey, a healthy, wholesome diet and regular exercise will help that much more. Now, if budgetary constraints don’t apply to you, including being restricted to a low budget or medium budget, and you have a decent amount of cash flow at your disposal, make the most of it. With as much freedom we can get monetarily, our options are almost endless in the dietary/nutritional aide realm. We can more than build upon the basics of our supplement stash. We can, bit by bit, with research and sound medical advice in mind, choose top range, high quality products with some really effective fat burning ingredients contained within them. High budgets offer us business class leg room, and if you have leeway monetarily, make the most of it for sure.

Green Tea Extract – Green tea leaves are made up of (among other things) antioxidants called catechins. Some of these, can and do burn fat. One of the most effective forms of the catechin, for its ability to burn fat, is epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG). By stimulating enzymes that encourage fat cells to release their stored fat which are used as a source of fuel, is the exact way in which this supplement works. For as little as $15, you can pick up a bottle of green tea extract capsules to jump start your metabolism and kick your fitness routine up a notch.

Caffeine – This supplement has long been purported to enhance lipolysis by raising resting metabolic rate (RMR). This is done by increasing the amount of circulating epinephrine and free fatty acids in the blood. Green tea extract and caffeine combined, studies have shown, dramatically increase the resting metabolic rate (RMR) which stimulates greater calorie burn for fat loss, so this supplement is definitely one to consider, especially with budget constraints.

Selenium – This trace element is essential to us and can be found naturally in many dietary sources. While playing an integral role in hormone regulation, DNA synthesis and protection from oxidative stress and inflammation, it is also believed to inhibit adipocyte hypertrophy (which is when we prevent the increase in fat cell size) and adipogenesis (where adipocyte precursors get turned into actual adipocytes). When looking for an inexpensive, essential supplement for general health and wellness, with the added benefit of aiding in fat loss, selenium should definitely be considered for your supplement cache for sure.

Calcium – While the research is still ongoing, studies suggest that incorporating a calcium (and vitamin D 3) supplement into your daily routine can help promote thermogenesis. If a little calcium helps keep your bones and teeth strong, all whilst potentially helping burn fat, perhaps this should be the very backbone of your supplement cupboard! The best is, it’s easy on the wallet.

Raspberry Ketone – This is a chemical found in red raspberries and other food such as peaches, grapes, apples, rhubarb and certain berries. There is research out there suggesting that raspberry ketone has an effect on increasing the rate of metabolism within the body, by affecting a hormone called adiponectin, in that it stimulates the production of this hormone, which in turn is thought to help regulate metabolism. Studies purportedly show a prevention of lipid accumulation resultant from raspberry ketone ingestion, which is indicative of a decent fat burning effect. This supplement can be purchased from health food stores, just always make sure you do your research and source your supplements from reputable establishments.

Forskolin – As a member of the mint family, this supplement is derived from the root of a plant called Indian coleus (Coleus forskholii) which grows in areas of India, Nepal and Thailand. It has, for many years been used for its medicinal properties to treat a range of ailments, but more recently has found it’s way onto the market as a weight loss supplement. Studies suggest that forskolin actually increases the rate of lipolysis which means that more free fatty acids in the blood stream get metabolized thereby increasing fat loss. So, if a little minty kin can lend us its supposed fat burning abilities, perhaps it isn’t such a bad idea to include this supplement when considering our financials means and picking which nutritional aides are going to feature in our mid-range budget.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – There are many studies out there and the subsequent research and data to show that green coffee bean extract appears to have health benefits that help prevent metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes, as well as obesity. Green coffee beans (those which are unroasted) contain high concentrations of chlorogenic acid (the process of roasting the beans, lowers the amounts of chlorogenic acid within them), a compound which is thought to have anti-obesity properties in that it can slow the breakdown of carbs in the gut. As well as being rich in antioxidants, green coffee beans are believed to help lower both blood sugar levels and blood pressure. With the claims it makes and the data to support it, this may very well be a fat burner you’d like to consider when choosing your supplements to build up your nutritional aide store at home.

L-carnitine – This amino acid is pretty much a power house for not only fat loss, but it’s muscle building capabilities. Studies have shown that carnitine supplementation can and does in fact have an effect on how muscles perform and the body’s metabolism. It is purported to aid in the utilization of stored body fat, converting it into energy, which results in fat loss. So, while your body is using up fatty acids and burning fat with this supplement, it’s also building muscle and reducing soreness and recovery time after workouts too. A definite win on the nutritional aide front.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)  This fatty acid is found in many weight loss supplements and even though it is a fat itself, it’s considered a ‘healthy’ fat. It is thought that CLA acts as an appetite suppressant, as well as a metabolism booster and subsequently, increases the rate at which body fat is broken down. As if that isn’t incentive enough to consider it as a fat burner for your supplement cupboard, then perhaps the fact that studies have shown it to be great at helping modulate immune function could be just another reason why you might purchase it. By increasing lipolysis and the buildup of fatty acids on adipose tissue, CLA is functioning as optimally as it can within the body as a fat burner. It might be worthwhile researching this fat burning aide when taking stock of what you might like to kick your fat loss into gear with.

Yohimbe (Yohimbine HCL) – Derived from the bark of an African evergreen tree it has long been used in traditional African medicine. It has more recently, however, been marketed for its fat burning abilities particularly as studies have shown that is a most suitable fat loss strategy, even if it isn’t notable for it’s muscle building capabilities. When checking out the ingredients of your fat burners, perhaps the inclusion of this age-old herbal remedy on the list might take your fat loss goals exactly where you would like them to go.

If your budget allows for a lot extra, you know, is arriving in a Porsche and rolling out the red carpet for the pricier products on the market, that’s great! It means that quality supplements, backed by science and research are well within reach and if you have a high budget, definitely put it to good use as far as your health and fitness goals go. By ensuring your diet is clean and healthy, you partake in physical activity and you look after your body and mind, you’re already on the right track. Adding in these supplements will give your workout regimen an edge, give you a solid footing from which to climb the health and fitness ladder and jump start your fat loss. They could more than make up the very core of your cache, be not only the backbone of your supplement store, but also the branches growing out from that! Yes, a budget keeps us resourceful but so does the availability of cash, in that we have greater supplement options to choose from and we can expand our own health and fitness savvy in the process of figuring out what ingredients in which supplements will be best for us. We get to flex our research muscles and stay on top of our health at all times. Just be informed and make good decisions with your health and budget in mind.

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