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Supplement Guide to Losing Fat for Females on a Low Budget

So, you’re looking to lose weight. When you make the decision to evaluate or re-evaluate your lifestyle, it is of prime importance that you do so with the advice of your primary care manager as they are the only one best equipped to help you navigate your health. If you’re already engaging in regular physical activity, this is great! You’re making really good decisions about your overall wellbeing and it will definitely benefit you to get in some exercise. Now, working out and building muscle can help you feel strong and capable of amazing things. It’s a fantastic feeling, there’s no doubt about it, but if you want to enhance your results, supplements can up the ante on your workout, especially where muscle building and fat loss is concerned.

When it comes to fat loss, it might seem cut and dry; eat fewer fatty things = lose weight. This is a flawed perspective, because not all fats are created equal. We have our good fats and bad fats, so it’s important to be informed about which ones are healthy and which ones are not. Now, if you’re aiming to lose fat, the fitness world has supplements for just this purpose and they’re called ‘fat burners’. These encourage fat metabolism and there are a wide range of different products on the market, each purporting to promote fat loss through different means and actions within the body.

There are two ways in which fat loss can be achieved; thermogenesis and lipolysis.

Thermogenesis: This occurs when metabolism is accelerated, to increase heat and burn calories. This in turn can bring about the metabolism of fat. Thermogenesis is dependent on a number of factors such as temperature, diet and exercise.

Lipolysis: This is the breakdown of fats stored within cells called triglycerides. When they are broken down, they become glycerol and fatty acids, of which the fatty acids are now able to move around the blood stream. It is important to consume a low carbohydrate diet when attempting to lose fat via lipolysis as the glucose that results from the breakdown of carbohydrates stimulate insulin production. This is good in and of itself as insulin acts to clear glucose from the blood stream. When there is excess glucose in the blood, however, the insulin has minimal if any effect on clearing out the glucose and these molecules then head straight for the free-floating fat cells which aren’t being used for energy.

Okay, we now have an idea of how to bring about fat loss, but the key to understanding how best to do this, where to start, is knowing that, while fat burners are able to help your fat loss journey, a healthy, wholesome diet and regular exercise will help that much more. And now that we know this, how’s that budget looking? If you don’t have a high budget, this shouldn’t be an obstacle and maybe, the more effort you put in through hard work in exercise and clean eating, the more rewarding your fat loss journey will be. So, let’s get to the supplements that can help you on the road to healthy, without breaking the bank. And when you’re ready, you can add more supplements onto this stack, if desired.

Green Tea Extract – Green tea leaves are made up of (among other things) antioxidants called catechins. Some of these, can and do burn fat. One of the most effective forms of the catechin, for its ability to burn fat, is epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG). By stimulating enzymes that encourage fat cells to release their stored fat which are used as a source of fuel, is the exact way in which this supplement works. For as little as $15, you can pick up a bottle of green tea extract capsules to jump start your metabolism and kick your fitness routine up a notch.

Caffeine – This supplement has long been purported to enhance lipolysis by raising resting metabolic rate (RMR). This is done by increasing the amount of circulating epinephrine and free fatty acids in the blood. Green tea extract and caffeine combined, studies have shown, dramatically increase the resting metabolic rate (RMR) which stimulates greater calorie burn for fat loss, so this supplement is definitely one to consider, especially with budget constraints.

Selenium – This trace element is essential to us and can be found naturally in many dietary sources. While playing an integral role in hormone regulation, DNA synthesis and protection from oxidative stress and inflammation, it is also believed to inhibit adipocyte hypertrophy (which is when we prevent the increase in fat cell size) and adipogenesis (where adipocyte precursors get turned into actual adipocytes). When looking for an inexpensive, essential supplement for general health and wellness, with the added benefit of aiding in fat loss, selenium should definitely be considered for your supplement cache for sure.

Calcium – While the research is still ongoing, studies suggest that incorporating a calcium (and vitamin D 3) supplement into your daily routine can help promote thermogenesis. If a little calcium helps keep your bones and teeth strong, all whilst potentially helping burn fat, perhaps this should be the very backbone of your supplement cupboard! The best is, it’s easy on the wallet.

Maybe your budget isn’t quite so modest and welcoming for the pricier products, but that doesn’t mean that everything is out of your reach. By ensuring your diet is clean and healthy, you partake in physical activity and you look after your body and mind, you’re already on the right track. Adding in these supplements shouldn’t make your bank account groan in vapid tones and feel drained and uncared for. In fact, these supplements could make up the very core of your cache, be the backbone from which everything else stems and grows and progresses! With budget constraints comes ingenuity, creativity and resourcefulness. Just do your research, be informed and make good decisions with your health and budget in mind.

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