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Fitties FitFuel+ Premium Nutrition in Vanilla Latte flavor
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Premium Nutrition

FitFuel+ is an all-natural, nutrient-packed shake mix expertly formulated to support healthy energy production, maintain gastrointestinal integrity, balance cytokine levels, and promote the body’s natural detoxification process. Ideal for those looking to boost their workout, maintain high energy levels, or simply improve their overall well-being. FitFuel+ is a wholesome choice, featuring Fitties Vegan Protein (a non-GMO, pea-based protein), Fitties Immune Defense, truebroc® (glucoraphanin from broccoli seed extract), and arabinogalactan (a prebiotic). With 80 mg of caffeine per serving, FitFuel+ has you covered.


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Developed by Health & Fitness Experts

Formulated by Medical Pros

Manufactured in CGMP Facilities

100% Medical-Grade Ingredients

Proven Results via Clinical Trials

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Natural flavors (no MSG), inulin (from chicory), dried cane syrup, sunflower oil, cellulose gum, xanthan gum, taurine, medium-chain triglyceride oil, fungal proteasesS4, guar gum, stevia leaf extract, L-glutamine, glycine, and silica.
Wheat, gluten, yeast, soy protein, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, artificial colors, and artificial sweeteners.
Blend, shake, or briskly stir two (2) level scoops (46 g) into 10-14 oz chilled water and consume once daily, or take as directed by your healthcare professional. Adjust amount of water to desired sweetness and thickness.

Elevate Your Energy and Well-being with FitFuel+

FitFuel+ is a nutrient-dense, all-natural shake mix designed to support healthy energy production, maintain gastrointestinal integrity, balance cytokine levels, and promote natural detoxification. Ideal for enhancing workouts, sustaining energy, or improving overall well-being, FitFuel+ features Fitties Vegan Protein, Fitties Immune Defense, truebroc®, and arabinogalactan.

Versatile Nutritional Support

FitFuel+ offers a nutritious and delicious way to add protein, micronutrients, immunoglobulins, and fiber to your daily routine. Enjoy antioxidant, detoxification, and energy support as part of a healthy breakfast, pre-workout shake, or afternoon pick-me-up, making it a superior alternative to common energy drinks.

VegaPro™ for Plant-Based Protein Power

FitFuel+ contains Fitties’ proprietary VegaPro blend, offering 18g of plant-based protein per serving from pea protein isolate, taurine, rice protein concentrate, L-glutamine, and glycine. This easily digested, gluten-free blend boasts a 100% amino acid score for optimal protein metabolism and lean body mass support, enhanced by Aminogen® for improved digestibility and absorption.

Coffee Fruit Extract and Green Coffee Bean Extract for Energy and Antioxidant Support

FitFuel+ features a blend of KonaRed® coffee fruit extract, green coffee bean extract, and caffeine anhydrous, providing chlorogenic acids and their derivatives for cytokine balance and antioxidant support. These compounds have been researched for their positive effects on vasoreactivity and blood pressure, already within normal range.

ActivNutrients® for Micronutrient Support and IgG 2000 CWP™ for Immune Function

FitFuel+ includes ActivNutrients® without Copper & Iron, delivering bioavailable micronutrients for healthy energy production and metabolism. IgG 2000 CWP™, an immunoglobulin concentrate from colostral whey peptides, supports immune function, lean body mass, gastrointestinal integrity, and cytokine balance, making it ideal for sports nutrition.

OncoPLEX™ and Arabinogalactan for Detoxification and Gastrointestinal Health

FitFuel+ contains OncoPLEX™ (glucoraphanin) extracted from broccoli seeds, which upregulates the body’s natural phase II detoxification enzymes to support antioxidant activity and protect cells from free-radical damage. Arabinogalactan, a fiber and prebiotic sourced from larch trees, promotes gastrointestinal health and supports overall well-being.

We Use Only the Finest Patented Ingredients

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At Fitties, your happiness and satisfaction form the core of our mission, underscored by our comprehensive Fitties Satisfaction Guarantee. Regardless of whether you’re a first-time or repeat customer, rest assured knowing we’ve got your back. Our dedication to a hassle-free experience guarantees your peace of mind while shopping with us.

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