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The Benefits of Acupuncture

April 03, 2023 | Lifestyle and Wellness

Acupuncture is an age old healing technique where the roots lie deep in traditional Chinese medicine. For thousands of years this form of healing, this springboard for wellness, has been employed by practitioners time and time again to help treat a variety of ailments and promote an overall sense of wellbeing.

According to Chinese medical theory, acupuncture points or acupoints are found along lines called meridians. It is through these meridians that vital qi (chi) energy courses. Since traditional Chinese medicine dictates that good health is resultant from a harmonious state of equilibrium between two opposing forces; yin and yang, it can be a tedious task to ensure in this day and age, that all is balanced between yin and yang in body, mind and spirit. The constant and consistent flow of qi energy within the body is what keeps the forces of yin and yang balanced. If something occurs – an illness or the like – which disrupts or impedes the qi flow through meridians, it can affect our health.

Acupuncture is a technique that enables a practitioner to access our qi and work with it in order to restore harmony and balance to our body. Since our qi flows through these meridians, lines of energy, along our bodies there has to be access points for a practitioner to tap into, in order to bring about balance, and there are in fact, many.

Through an exam or assessment, the acupuncturist will be able to glean the necessary information from a patient, in order to formulate appropriate combinations of acupuncture technique. 350 acupuncture points (acupoints) are available to the acupuncturist, along 14 meridians, as entry ways for the practitioner to work with and channel the qi in the direction it needs to go.

And the potential health benefits of acupuncture are numerous when performed correctly. The following conditions name but a few that can respond positively to acupuncture sessions:

  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Headaches
  • Lower back pain relief
  • Morning sickness
  • Tennis elbow
  • Sciatica
  • Dental pain
  • Chronic pain

While acupuncture is most commonly used by itself as treatment for some conditions, its popularity as a combination treatment is on the rise in the Western world, attesting to its ability to help treat certain conditions or mitigate symptoms of certain ailments.

A session of acupuncture treatment involves the patient assuming a comfortable position on a treatment table, and as per the unique and individualized patient treatment plan, very fine needles will be placed along meridians at particular acupoints in order to stimulate restoration of qi balance.

If there is ever a better time to make a visit to a qualified acupuncturist, the time would be now. When life frequently falls out of synch, and body, mind and spirit are not in harmony with one another, allow yourself to be restored and rejuvenated by an age old healing practice, by expert hands. There is no need to suffer with chronic pain or other symptoms that can be alleviated with acupuncture. Your yin and yang will be balanced once more using the gentle, natural and professional touch of experience in an ancient medicinal practice.

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